An HDR Look at Arches National Park

Sandstone at arches national park-HDR photo

The Glowing Fortress

So Many Arches, So Little Time

Doing a bit of quick research before my trip to Arches National Park told me that there are over 2,000 arches within the park. I had only one full day plus a sunset and a sunrise to spend there. This didn’t cause me any anxiety or fear of missing out. Instead, it gave me comfort that I would be making some nice HDR photographs!

Day one was a marathon day of driving from San Francisco to Southern Utah.  15 hours on the road and I made it, just as planned, in time for sunset. the shot at the top of this post is the first one I took that evening.  Here is the next one which was taken from the same spot, only facing more northerly:

the three gossips at arches national park - hdr photograph at sunset

Three Golden Robed Gossips

As the evening wore on, my plan was to photograph in the moonlight.  This is a rare activity for me and the moon was only two days from full so it was going to be plenty bright.  I made my way to a feature they call “Balanced Rock” for this shot in the moonlight.

hdr photo-Moonlit Balanced Rock-Arches National Park

Moonlit Balanced Rock-Arches National Park

My final shot in the moonlight was finally of an arch. A DOUBLE arch! The strong moonlight glinting off the smooth sandstone caused a lot of reflections and makes this shot look like an Alien Light Beam shining from behind this cool double arch.

photo-Two Dolphins Kissing-Double Arch in Moonlight

Two Dolphins Kissing-Double Arch in Moonlight-Arches National Park

More Arches and Dramatic Photos

These photos are from only my first evening photographing at Arches National Park. As I process the rest of my photos from Arches and Canyonlands National Park over the next few days, I’ll be writing new posts with the best of those photos, so stay tuned!

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image three gossips at arches national park