Grunge Romance at the Sydney Opera House


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With Valentine’s day approaching I just wanted to share this photo I took at the Sydney opera house with you.

Australia and England have a lot in common. The people speak English, yet it’s difficult to understand the locals… and everything is exorbitantly expensive. When we were in Sydney last year, for example, I saw beer on sale in a grocery store in the suburbs. There was a sign on top of a display of Corona beer advertising it on sale for Easter (?) at $50 for a case. Yeah… I know!

Well one evening we wanted to go see the world famous Sydney Opera House. It’s set apart from everything else nearby so that the only place to park is in their underground garage. We weren’t going to see any particular event or performance, only to wander around and mingle. To park in their garage, even for a few minutes, cost $35! Yeah… I know!

We ended up hanging out there for probably three hours. Maybe we felt we needed to get our money’s worth for the exclusive use of a small patch of cement between two white lines. Maybe it was just a really pleasant place to be with a happening party going on below the opera house on an outside deck and several events going on inside the complex. It was just nice being there with no hurry to be anyplace else. The evening was warm, despite the clouds, and the views were incredible. Everybody seemed to be in great spirits and I happened to see more than one loving couple off by themselves, oblivious to everything around them just being totally present to each other.

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