Harvested Rice Paddy - Bali - Indonesia

Harvested Rice Paddy – Bali – Indonesia

Despite my best intentions, posting to the blog while traveling is not always easy. Slow and non-existant internet and just time out photographing or getting massages all takes time. I do try to process photos at night and, even that is a challenge, since I’m traveling with a Mac Air and I’m used to the big screen of my iMac at home. So I’m not sure that I’m getting the best processing since it’s hard for me to see the minutia.  So, while you at home are sleeping (it’s 4:40 AM in California right now) I’m here in a restaurant working away.  Dont feel sorry for me, this is work I’ve wanted to be doing my whole life and finally am living the dream now!

Yesterday was another full day! I ran across a surprise parade & temple festival in the village I’m staying at in Bali. I think the big parade has something to do with the full moon. the Balinese seem to find lots of reasons to celebrate life. I’ve been here a week and already, without even trying, have been to three different festivals.

While out driving the backroads of Ubud, I passed these rice paddys that were recently harvested. Normally, rice paddys are a rich green color. These are golden yellow because they were recently harvested and left to dry up so that the farmer can burn the stubble off.  The farmers here also turn loose their flock of ducks into the rice paddys. During this time between crops, the ducks eat worms and fertilize the ground to nourish the new crop to be planted. Isn’t this a pretty sight?  You can see a plume of smoke in the distance from the burning of the remnants of the old crop.

Tomorrow I fly to Jakarta to meet up with a friend and then onto a connecting flight to West Sumatra.  I googled some images from his home town of Bukittinggi and got chills for the photography in store for me there!  I’ll post one as soon as possible.

October Print Sale Ends Tomorrow

Tomorrow is halloween.  Final day of my 25% off print sale.  Just saying.

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