Gnarly Tree at Fort Mason-San Francisco

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The Chance Photo Opp.

Sometimes photos just appear.  It’s not anything that we’re going after when we go out and shoot, rather, in the blink of an eye… there IT is!  I was in San Francisco during the Holidays and had dropped my girlfriend at a woman’s craft show at Fort Mason.  While she’s volunteering it’s a perfect opportunity for me to walk the Marina neighborhood with my camera. Rain was threatening but had not started.  A couple of hours of shooting and then the drizzle began… then steadily increased. It occurred to me that it would be a good idea to get a little closer to cover, just in case, so I headed back to Fort Mason Center.

There is a parklike area adjacent to Fort Mason with lots of trees, so I figured they would be adequate shelter if the heavy drizzle got any more intense. Besides, I had never been up that hill anyway so wanted to see what was on the other side.  Wow, there was a great view of Alcatraz and, looking the other way, of the Golden Gate Bridge!  It was getting pretty wet by now and setting up for those shots I had to be more careful to protect my camera than paying attention to the shot.

Finally, I surrendered and ducked under a thicket of low trees and planted my butt on a low concrete retaining wall, well off the beaten path.  My main concern was drying off the lens and body, then putting it all away to run down the hill into one of the buildings.  Then I looked up and right in my face was this tree!  I glanced around for the Cheshire Cat because I thought I must have fallen down a rabbit hole and that the Queen of Spades would be sending her army after me any second. Quickly I realized that I was indeed safe, my name was NOT Alice, this is NOT Wonderland, and grabbed this fun photo.

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