Garden of the Gods


Garden of the Gods
Nikon D90 on tripod. 3 shot bracket HDR taken with Tokina 11-17mm lens at 11mm, ISO 200, f8, 1/25 sec. Post processed in Photomatix Pro, Adobe Lightroom and NIK Color eFex Pro.

Cool Rocks at Garden of the Gods!

Being a “Roots & Rocks” photographer, I usually know where the cool rocks are. This place, Garden of the Gods near Colorado Springs, escaped me until about two weeks ago when I was getting ready to take off on a short road trip. Mai was to fly out to Denver to meet me and help me drive back to California. She had told me about this place before but I wasn’t paying attention, I guess because her story wasn’t about rocks but about meeting Santa Clause at this place called Garden of the Gods. Definitely another story that we’ll reserve to tell late some Saturday night. So Mai suggested that we might want to stop here on our way down to Taos.

We had been having fun in Boulder and left a little later than I had wanted to, plus the afternoon traffic in Boulder and Denver slowed us down to the point where we arrived here after the sun had already set. That’s not so much of a problem but I do like seeing the entire show. It’s still easy to get great shots during blue hour so I got serious real quick and setup and set out looking for a nice vantage point.

This shot is the first place we came to that was photo-worthy. My first clue was the other tourists there clicking away at the same time we were. I don’t know if anybody has made a movie on location here, if not, somebody should. It’s pretty alien looking especially when you get down among those tall skinny rock spires and outcroppings there in the distance. I spent a good deal of time walking all through them and have several other photos to process on some rainy day in the future.



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  • Laurel Jack

    I only see one picture. Surely there are more???

    • Captain Photo

      There definitely are more , Laurel. Like I said in my post… ” I spent a good deal of time walking all through the rocks and have several other photos to process on some rainy day in the future.” Thanks for asking. I’ll have to process another one of them soon for you.

  • Like Mobile

    New iPhone 5 camera should further increase my ambition to take some great new shots. The best thing about an iPhone is the fact you pretty much always have it on you and its fast enought to get that great shot!

  • Jon

    Going out to Colorado in May. Definitely going to put this on my list of places to go. Great Image!

  • Tiger Turf

    That is an amazing picture. I’d be surprised it was taken with an iPhone. Is that right or am I mistaken?

  • Tom

    WOW! Spectacular pics :) I really love it :)

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