It’s Monday morning, Halloween, and my muscles are talking to me.  On Saturday there was a special class at Downtown Yoga in Pleasanton using ropes.  I probably would not be hurting as much if I were a little more consistant with my yoga practice.  Anyway, the class was terrific and for 2 1/2 hours the couple dozen of us accomplished amazing feats using ropes.  It was great to see old friends again too.  People who I’ve been on yoga retreats with to India and Mexico.  Jim & Kate Coughlin, the owners of the studio, even had a photographer come and she took 650 shots of us.  As soon as they get them sorted out I’ll post one or two so you can see the brutality of this practice 🙂

The yoga studio is only a block away from the new Firehouse Art Center.  This is where there is always something artsy happening. To wind down after class I decided to sniff around and see if I could find something to shoot since I always try to have my camera with me.  This old Ford Woody was parked across the street and there’s no way I could resist NOT taking some shots of it… inside & out.  this car is in primo condition.

Well after taking shots from about every angle I moved to another subject, the bright red bike rack across the street.  You can kind of see it in the shot above.  While shooting the bike rack,  a woman with birthday balloons came along and tied them to the old Woody.  Wow, I guess somebody is getting THAT for a birthday present!

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