San Francisco from Treasure Island

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There is really a lot to explore on Treasure Island. I remember my parents telling me how Treasure Island was made for the Pan Pacific Expo back in the 1920’s or thereabouts. I could Google that for you but the date doesn’t really matter. After that Treasure Island became a Navy base until it was de-commissioned… sometime in the 1990’s or was it more recent than that?. I could also google that, but…

So now, the City of San Francisco owns Treasure Island and cool things are beginning to happen out there in the middle of the bay. Of course one popular spot for photographers is right where this photo was taken. The vantage point is at the bottom of the hill as the road comes off the Bay Bridge and before passing the old guard house for the navy base which is now a coffee shack. Pretty much anytime you are there a few cars are parked and people are out with their camera clicking away. Why not? It’s a pretty view.

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  • Raquel

    Treasure Island looks awesome Keith! Great blog, keep up the excellent job on your blogs!! 🙂



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