Float Plane: Fly Me Where the Fish Are


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Lake Hood in Anchorage is like an airport for float planes. Bush pilots in Alaska are like taxi drivers in New York City. That’s because there just aren’t a lot of roads in Alaska so when you need to get somewhere, say to fish, you just hire a bush pilot and a float plane to drop you off on some pristine stretch of river or a remote lake.

There are hundreds of float planes docked around this rather large lake which sits right next to the Anchorage airport. Just spending some time watching the activity, it seems like there is a lot more action here on Lake Hood with planes coming and going than there is with flight activity at the airport.

This scene was nice. I liked the red cabin adorned with antlers and the colors of the plane and sky complimenting each other. The topper is the potted geranium on the porch.  Makes me think the pilot of this float plane might be a woman… the whole scene is so nice and orderly and I’ve never seen any new-age bush pilots who are the sensitive type who might be into flowers.

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  • Avionics equipment

    Hiring a bush pilot just to go fishing is cool! Are there always bush pilots on the place? I’d love to visit Lake Hood someday.

    • Captain Photo

      Bush Pilots in Alaska are like Taxi Cab drivers in San Francisco – There’s an abundance and they’ll take you anywhere…anytime.

  • Roaan

    It sure sounds nice to fly to a Fishing location, but isn’t the fishing experience becoming expensive. Never done it before. That’s why I’m asking.

    • Captain Photo

      Yes it’s very expensive. Now that I’m retired I am not in a position to go. At least I didn’t go last year for the first time in 15 years and I have no plans to go this year. Fly fishing in Alaska is so beautiful though that I will definitely save up and do it again.

  • Archie

    Hoping on to one of those floating planes would be priceless! That snap is just so surreal and magical.

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