Eucalyptus Trees at Pajaro Dunes

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Pajaro Dunes

Pajaro Dunes isn’t really a very long drive from the San Francisco Bay Area, where I was born & still live.  Yet, I had never been here.  When my older kids were in high school, I heard that it was fashionable at the time to go away to a rented house at Pajaro Dunes with your date after the Senior Prom.  We didn’t let ours do that.  It wasn’t until the day after Thanksgiving a couple years ago that I finally made it there.  My girlfriend and I have friends in Gilroy who we traditionally visit on Thanksgiving and it’s only about 30 minutes to Pajaro Dunes from their house. So, after the leftover turkey had settled in we took off to watch sunset at the beach.

My ex-wife used to tease me about shooting “roots & rocks”.  I guess she had a point. This might qualify as roots. Between the parking lot and the beach is this stand of weird eucalyptus trees.  Something about them prodded me to pint my camera in their direction but after getting them off the camera the photos just didn’t really call to me for further processing.  So I left them alone until now.

Discovering new images to process from old shoots is such a thrill for me!  With regularity I randomly open up old forgotten folders of photos to see what fun might yet be lurking there.  It’s so neat that there is usually something I find and it turns out rather nice.  This is one of those little gems that I love to find.

The story I make up of why this is so is that my processing skills and imagination are more highly developed now than they were when I took the shots.  So now I can visualize the possibilities for how I want to process and have no fear just digging in and having a go at it.  With something over 60,000 unprocessed photos in my archives I have a lot of mining to do and a treasure chest of gems like this one from Pajaro Dunes.

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  • Sandy Sagovia

    How ponder this kind of large wavy eucalyptus timber. Rearing this kind of large timber is complicated it will require quantity of years previous to seing this kind of original. i am hoping this may be sustain.

  • Smiley

    Such a wonderful big tree, I love your post all the information is very important. Hope you could post another very soon.

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