Delicate Arch

HDR photograph of Delicate Arch

Delicate Arch

This is what I came to see.  It’s what that whole hike was about on the day I shot the Sandstone Sunrise. Boy, that left leg looks a tad thin. Click to enlarge and check out that weak spot.

Jack Davis Gleefully Painting with Photoshop

The past three days I’ve been consumed with watching Jack Davis teaching his method of digital painting using Photoshop & Lightroom on Creative Live. This was the most mind-blowing revelation of secret mickey mouse club handshake information since I first did the Trey Ratcliff HDR tutorial a few years back.  I bought the course and have been re-watching it this evening.  GEEK ALERT!  You’ve been warned… Captain Photo has new toys!

PS; Here’s something interesting Jack shared with the audience… Trey Ratcliff paid Jack money and studied from him at Jack’s house. It totally makes sense, if you want to be the best at what you do, you seek out and learn from the best.

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  • Jeffrey Brenman

    Beautiful photograph Captain! Obviously the hike was well worth the effort! Just one question though. What’s the purple, blocky looking band under the rock on the left? Looks like an artifact of some sort, so how would one get rid of it using your “perfect HDR workflow”? (Whoops, two questions – sorry!)

    • Captain Photo

      Jeffrey, the purple is what Topaz ReStyle did in the color palette for the preset I chose. Next time I’ll choose differently and it won’t be there.

  • Laura

    This is an absolutely breathtaking photo! I do mainly portrait/lifestyle photography, and unfortunately haven’t been able to experiment much with HDR. I do LOVE looking at it, though. Awesome shot!

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