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photo wizard for iphone logoThe Photo Wizard app, and Photo Wizard HD for iPad, is the app I use most often second to Snapseed. While does some of the same things that snapseed does, snapseed does those things better and more intuitively. Where Photo Wizard shines are the capabilities to offers in filters, effects and tools. The video demo below demonstrates just the masking capabilities and shows how simple it is to use masking and how effective it can be in changing the look of your photo.


The filters that I use most often are the different blur effects; motion blur, radial blur, and gaussian blur. Try them yourself as they are available in the free version of Photo Wizard. I use these different filters along with masking to emphasize the subject of my photos.


The other function of Photo Wizard which I use often is the “randomize effect.” After masking my subject or part of my subject, I’ll use the randomize button to allow the app to generate its’ own combination of fileters & effects. This always leads to very unique looking photos that I’d never be able to do manually.


So I fully recommend getting the free version of Photo Wizard and seeing how you like it. I’m pretty sure that you’ll end up spending the $2 to get the full version with all its’ amazing tools to make your iPhone photos fabulous!

before processing in photo wizardafter using masking and motion blur processing in photo wizard

Classic Corvette

Below is a photo I shot last summer with my iPhone out the car window when we passed this classic Corvette on the highway. The image was processed in Photo Wizard using masking and radial blur as demonstrated in the video.

Classic Corvette processed in Photo Wizard 


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    wow some those pics look so pr0fessional, amazing what these smart phones
    can actually do these days…

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