2013 is the year of iPhone iArt

Let’s play this year.  My intention is to make one iPhone photo a day.  I’ll post the image I start with that comes right out of the iPhone camera, the ‘before’ shot.  Then I’ll also post the final image that I made.   What I hope is that we’ll begin to see are what’s possible with your iPhone camera and a few free or inexpensive iPhone apps.  Along the way I will do some short videos showing step by step how I process some of these shots.

Get Snapseed today, it’s free.

There is one basic app that I would like to see you download and begin using right away; Snapseed.  It’s free and very powerful. That’s the one app that I use first on almost every shot I process with my iPhone.  So please get it and begin playing with it.  I’ll have a video tutorial soon but you’ll probably have it all figured out on your own anyway.

Here we go with iPhone shot #1 of 2013

Before & after iPhone photo of hibiscus in champagne glass. Processed in Snapseed and Decim8.




After Snapseed and Decim8

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