Cruella Guitarist Mary Cary

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iPhone Fun Friday Night at the Bar

Last night we went out and had a little fun.  Mai had heard about a new all woman heavy metal band, named Cruella, playing at a little place called Neto’s in Santa Clara.  We looked it up and these ladies play old Motley Crue music.  Back in the day, the 80’s, I wasn’t really into Motley Crue so didn’t go with any expectations.  Having some fun seemed like the motivation to go rather than the music.  Plus I also wanted to put my iPhone through some close-up, low light, fast action shooting and see what I could come up with.  You might want to check out the website of this all Girl San Francisco Motley Crue Tribute Band.

These ladies only recently formed their group earlier this year and are playing every weekend in clubs all over the greater Bay Area.  Before the music even started I was intrigued.  These ladies dressed in black leather, awesome tights/stockings, big-ass boots and generally dress way younger than they are but they really carry it off perfectly and everybody there loved the look and the music.  I’m going to see them again.

The night reminded me of back in the 70’s & 80’s when I was a DJ on the radio in San Francisco and we would hit all the small clubs regularly for killer music.  This was like that. It was easy, not too crowded, and  when the sound went out everybody rolled with it for 15 minutes while it got fixed.  It was just an opportunity to get another margarita and go up to the stage where Chris and Mary played with the photographer wanna be’s.  It was really a fun time.  Maybe the band will call me when they need some new promotional photos? I’d like that.

Mary Cary  of Cruella

iPhone photo processed in Snapseed and Photo Wizard Pro. Click to Enlarge.

These shots were processed in only a couple of apps.  I usually always take them into Snapseed first and add some Drama filter to some degree.  My next go-to app is usually Photo Wizard Pro where I have a cool routine of quickly masking out some parts of the photos, adding some radial or motion blur followed by running through random effects in the FX section until I get a cool look.  It usually takes me less than 5 minutes total to make a photo like either of these.  That’s pretty cool because the original photos are not all that great to look at and with just a little effort in the right apps, I can get some really cool artistic effects that are easy to look at.


There is a little video of Cruella. that I took also and just produced it on my iPad in iMovie.

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  • Stacy Maisenbach

    Thank you for reviewing us on your site.Awesome pictures of Mary…we would love to have you come take pictures anytime.thanks again

    • Captain Photo

      It was fun Stacy. I see the girls will be in Livermore later this month. If I’m not already in Asia, I’ll be there.

  • Reply

    Hi Captain Photo!!! We are so flattered that you took pics! I can’t believe those are with an iPhone. Once they come up with a great Navigation feature for finding all our shows, I’ll switch out of my droid.

    Your writing is stellar. It’s easy to read and clean. And as I cruise through your pictures they’re wonderful! Love them so much!

    So? great article but no backlink to our site? How about a backlink 🙂 Love to have people make their way over to the WordPress website that I built for the band

    If you are so inclined – we like anchor text to be: “All Girl San Francisco Motley Crue Tribute Band” ((if you don’t mind my asking!!! LOL)) THANK YOU THANK YOU! xoxoxoxox Mary Cary (lead guitarist Motley Cruella) –

    • Captain Photo

      My bad. Especially since YOU are an SEO expert… what was I THINKIN’?? Your more than earned a backlink and now it’s there complete with requested anchor text. Glad you like my work & writing. As a digital artist I use iPhone simply because it’s the best camera out there and supported with so many wonderful apps. Since I am also committed to teaching people how to make wonderful mobile phone photography this is my platform of choice. I used to take band photos in clubs with a SLR and moving to the iPhone is a huge step up. I love the way the videos come out when I can get in close like I was able to with you Friday night. Video was just posted a few minutes ago. Maybe see you again in Livermore later this month. Cheers!

  • Yaz

    Nice photos. (You’ve got a great subject, though… very nice. Gotta love a sexy woman rocking out on a guitar.

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