The Church of All Russian Saints

Church of All Russian Saints - Burlingame, CA

Church of All Russian Saints – Burlingame, CA 

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Visiting Burlingame

It’s only an hour from home but I seldom get to just go and visit here on the Peninsula. Usually it’s to pickup or drop off somebody at the San Francisco airport. This weekend, Mai was staying at a hotel here while attending a four-day workshop for her Woo Woo work, something to do with The Matrix.  Yes, the same Matrix like in the movie. This gave me the opportunity to have some time away from home, watch the NFL championship games on Sunday (because i don’t have TV at home) and get in some photography too.

While walking around Broadway one morning a started talking to a couple locals who saw me photographing the picturesque alley I posted last time.  They recommended that I go over to Burlingame Ave. where, allegedly, there are several other cutsie alleys like that one.

On my way there, I was driving down El Camino Real, minding my own business when suddenly, sunlight glinting off some huge golden object hit me right in the eye!  Whoa!  I quickly recognized that the gold object was one of those russian turret thingies and there were some blue ones too… all on top of this building.  Stop the car.

I parked around the corner and then I noticed those magnificent, tall, and graceful eucalyptus trees framing this church perfectly!  The whole scene just fit together so perfectly.  I didn’t even mind that there were no clouds in the sky that day.  In fact, clouds might even distract the eye from enjoying the lines and colors in this photo. Talk about a gift from the universe!

As I was finishing up a couple of neighbors walked by and I asked them if they happened to know the name of the church.  Nope, just a russian church is all they knew.  All I had to do was google “russian orthodox church burlingame” to quickly find out what I wanted to know about this place.  So, I learned it’s called The Church of All Russian Saints.

By the way, when I got over to Burlingame Ave., I didn’t find those alleys.


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  • Jon Montis

    Looks like this pic was shot in another country! Great HDR work.

  • Rob Dodsworth

    I am not usually a big fan of HDR but there’s a lightness of touch to this image that I like. Nice work!

    • Captain Photo

      Cheers Rob! Yes I felt lightness at the scene and glad I was able to convey that for you.

      • Stefan Pavlenko

        I am the Rector (parish priest) of Church of All Russian Saints, 744 El Camino Real, Burlingame— JUST TODAY (April 15th, 2013!) I discovered on the internet your most beautiful photograph of our Church edifice. Would it be possible to publish this photo in our Church Newsletter or use it for our planned new Website; you would be credited in any publication that our parish would generate. Again, very talented photography! May God Bless you, Archpriest Stefan Pavlenko

  • Rob Dodsworth

    Hey Cap’n! I meant that the image is not overcooked but equally the quality of light is lovely!

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