Christmas Tree at Bishop Ranch #1-San Ramon CA


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Chrsitmas Tree at Bishop Ranch-San Ramon CA

YIKES!!!  I did it!  I filled up my iMac’s 1TB hard drive.  Now what?  It’s time to commit to a more scaleable storage and backup plan.

Well I’m looking at portable Raid 0 drives.  These are mostly no larger than 1 TB but I like the idea of being able to have my Lightroom catalog with me when I travel.  So I wonder what your photo storage/backup system is?  Care to share?


The Christmas tree at Bishop Ranch

It’s the day before Christmas Eve. I wore my santa hat today while wrapping presents which always lifts my mood into the season and now I’m good to go through Christmas. After dropping some gifts off at my girlfriend’s under her tree I was driving home about sunset and remembered that I had wanted to check out the tree in San Ramon at Bishop Ranch. I got there just in time while there was still a little color in the sky.

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