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The Captain Meets Toadie

It’s been a great trip up to visit the nice people and photograph the stunning scenery around Victoria, B.C. Canada this past week. One of the major highlights of my trip was meeting the legendary HDR photographer Scott Johnson of Toad Hollow Photography. By chance we connected and had a delightful lunch today in Victoria.

Four Eyes are Better Than Two

It turns out that we both have beautiful woman at our sides to help guide our art. As we were talking, we both realized that as artists, we are so deeply into our work that many times it takes a fresh pair of eyeballs on our work to suggest the right tweaks to bring it home. That’s what Mai does for me and Scott’s wife Laurie, does for him.

It’s not often that I am able to sit down casually with other photographers.  This needs to happen more often.  I know that I picked up some terrific insight of some changes to seriously consider for my photography business and I also was able to give Scott a big piece to think about too.  I’ll be keeping an eye on his blog to see the evolution in his business.  Sometimes it only takes one new idea to change your life.

Chemainus Theater

Do you like murals?  Then you must visit this cute little town of Chemainus.  The entire town is painted with beautiful murals on pretty much every building where there would otherwise be only blank boring paint.  These murals are really stunning and obviously a lot of talent went into painting them. Murals aren’t the only art here either.  There are lovely statues, sculptures, galleries, and boutique shops  on every street.  One could spend a long day here… and a ton of money too.

Performing arts are also big in Chemainus.  Today’s photo is the new theater in town. Wish I were going to be here for just  few more days so I could catch the Buddy Holly Story, starting a 6 week run on February 22nd.  Sadly, however, my visit to Victoria ends tomorrow.

Learn Perfect HDR in My Google Plus Community

perfect hdr photography google plus communityA few days ago I started a new community on Google Plus.; Perfect HDR Photography. After working so long to perfect my own HDR photography technique, I felt that the time had come to share what I know with other new HDR photographers and those who are HDR curious.

There are a couple of things going on in this budding community.  First, it’s a place where you can get your questions answered by interacting with me and other experienced HDR photographers in real time online.  That’s pretty cool, huh?  Also, post your latest work, ask for a critique and be prepared for honest feedback designed to help you quickly improve your own HDR work.

You Say Your Mom Loves Your HDR?

Mom’s are so sweet. They pamper you with unconditional love.  They loved your kindergarten scribble drawings and they love your HDR work. Well, the truth be told,  it’s way too easy to make bad HDR.  All of us have made our share of it.  In our new community, the goal is to help you quickly get past that stage and blossom into an HDR photographer worthy of  the adoration you’ll soon be getting from all your new loving fans all around the world!

So this is your invitation to join our friendly group right now.  It’s an open group you can join instantly and begin getting some personal attention that I wish I had available to me during my months of growing pains learning how to do HDR.  Make Mom genuinely proud.  See you there!

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  • Toad Hollow Photography

    Keith, having a chance to spend some time with you and Mai was one of my biggest highlights in a LONG time!! I’ve followed you for quite some time online here, so having a chance for a get together and to share notes like that was beyond wonderful. Laurie and I have been talking pretty much non-stop about our meeting since, and we just can’t wait to have a chance to see you and Mai again… hopefully really soon!!!

    Great shot here, my friend. You’ve done a fabulous job in capturing the spirit and essence of this island we love to call home. You guys are hereby given honorary “Islanders Status” and I am handing you our proverbial key to the island! Please come again!!

    And, please give both you and Mai a special thank you for your thoughts and guidance of our practice.. I can’t wait to have a few hours to implement what we discussed!!! There is no way I can thank you enough, kind sir!

    • Captain Photo

      Meeting you was inspiring and enlightening. It was great to authentically share with each other some ideas that will help both of us build our brand and business better.

      Your island of paradise has so many places to explore. I know I’ve only begun to see the jewels there. We will have to schedule a visit specifically to make a day or more to photograph together. It will be good for both of us. Cheers my amphibian friend.

      Here’s Mai with a few words:
      Toad! You are a rock star. Thank you so much for your joyful and welcoming spirit. And wow, we get the honorary “Islanders Status” Woohooo!!! I look forward to hosting you and your wife in San Francisco, and celebrating your FREEDOM.

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