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Cannon Beach, OR


 Where My Best Photography in 2014 Happened

Getting my new Jeep in January kicked 2014 off perfectly. Now I’m able to go many more places when road tripping around the country.The 4 wheel drive came in real handy on the last road trip to ease us down a very steep, rocky, windy road off the White Mountains into Bishop, CA after visiting the oldest trees on earth in the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest. I actually got two of my favorite photos of the year up there in the Bristlecones.

Much of my best photography this year happened on those road trips.  The other ‘best of’ photography came on trips this year to Hawaii, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Estonia. Only a couple of them were captured here at home in The San Francisco Bay Area. All my favorites from 2014 are gathered together to share with you here in this post.

Before turning you loose to peruse at the full gallery, below are four select photos from the best of 2014 gallery that were  also featured in interesting blog posts this year. You may find some of this information useful, especially if you do HDR landscape photography.

image: valley of the gods

Finding this spot in southern Utah, purely by accident, is what I love about my road trips!  Pure magic where I wasn’t even looking for it. If you haven’t seen my blog post about it, and you like this sort of scenery, see more photos and information about Valley of the Gods on the blog.

image:Ocotillo Sunrise-Joshua Trees National Park

Ocotillo plants look so intriguingly alien to me. My fascination with them caused a scheduled sunrise shoot in Joshua Trees National Park in January. I used Topaz ReStyle to give some final stylization to this image. This post includes  a video showing how I processed it using Lightroom and the Perfect HDR Workflow. Watch the HDR Video Tutorial featuring Topaz ReStyle

Sun-rays are always a draw for me and my camera.  Mai drove us to Anini Beach one morning where we found these sun-rays on our Kauai trip this Spring. The rain that morning was lightly fragrant and delightfully tropical. Some really nice shots came home from our time in Hawaii. Take the tropical Kauai photo tour.

Best view of the golden gate bridge

Golden Gate Bridge Through Cypress Trees

Judging from the online response, this is also a favorite image of yours. G+, Facebook, 500px…all responding to it very positively.

I’ve been on a quest to get a great shot of this icon from a unique angle and finally got this shot that I’m proud of on a typical foggy afternoon in San Francisco. My blog suggests where photographers can find the best places to photograph the Golden Gate Bridge.

See the Entire Best of 2014 Gallery!

SmugMug is the home of my online galleries because they do such an incredible job of displaying my photos so elegantly. If you are curious and do go take a look at this gallery, I recommend that when you get there, you hit the “slideshow” button at the upper right to get the full screen cinematic experience!

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