Monterey Wharf on Cannery Row

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Wednesday the rain poured down threatening to wash out the photowalk in Monterey that was being hosted by Trey Ratcliff of The prospect of that didn’t bother me and my mind was made up to drive to Monterey early in the morning since the photowalk wasn’t scheduled to begin until 9:30. As it turned out not a drop of rain came down during the two hours we spent photographing along cannery row and Monterey wharf.

There were about 40 of us and Erik & Gretchen from Lytro brought a dozen or more Lytro cameras for the photowalkers to try out. These little boxes are so simple and they house a new technology of infinite focus AFTER the shot is taken. Yeah, what’s that about? Well it’s very interesting and you can see how this works because they uploaded some of the photos off the cameras on the Lytro website so anybody can see them.  Here, try it out yourself. Click different parts of the image and the focus actually changes to that point.  It’s really very intriguing!

By the time the pack of photowalkers had meandered down as far as the wharf, the sky had cleared up quite a lot.  We went down to the beach and that’s where I got this shot.  Handheld, bracketed plus & minus 2 stops then processed using Trey’s new secret workflow with the new Lightroom 4 that he talked about that day.

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