Once You Go Bumblejax, You’ll Never Go Back

Bumblejax: My New Standard in Fine Art Photography Presentation


Sometimes the universe drops the best things right on your lap.  No research on my part required.  That’s how I learned about this company in the Pacific Northwest that will take your digital photography files and return a beautiful piece of fine art for you or your customer.


The photos I produce using my Perfect HDR Workflow look best when printed on metal paper or as a metal print on aluminum.  For the past few years I have recommended metal to my customers who want the ultimate quality when they order a print from me.  Well, it’s always great to find something better. Now that I’ve seen a sample of what Bumblejax can do, I’ll be recommending it to my fine art customers who demand the best.  Watch the video to see a comparison of metal prints vs a Bumblejax print.




It’s Silo Season


Coming off my recent road trip I have a few shots of old barns and silos.  Living in San Francisco, I don’t see silos and old barns that much.  My last post featured one of each a silo and rickety falling down barn in Colorado..  Today’s photo is only of a silo on Antelope Island State Park on Great Salt Lake in Utah.  This is on the old ranch from the late 1800’s which is maintained for its historic value.  That little shed on the left doesn’t really qualify as a barn.


Silo on Antelope Island - Great Salt Lake

Silo on Antelope Island – Great Salt Lake

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  • Matt

    Not enough silos around if you ask me! They always make for stunning subjects.

  • elisalant

    Hi there from Perth
    I love your method of HDR.
    I have been using a LR plugin called enfuse.
    Does a similar blend to Photomatix plugin.
    I was wondering if you had ever used luminosity masks?
    Also I can’t seem to find the second video on your HDR workflow.
    Many thank

    • Captain Photo

      Eli I considered adopting enfuse for the 32 bit process while I was waiting for the Photomatix plugin to be released. I didn’t like the inconsistant results from it. Something about their algorithm that’s seems funny to me. I loved the price though. To your question about luminosity masks, I have tried them and it’s a cool new thing for HDR, and not that easy for beginners to learn. My website is more about helping the new HDR guys and am trying not to lead people into using Photoshop to keep costs down as so people can make HDR’s quick and easy. When you toss Photoshop into the equation the word ‘easy’ no longer applies. For people, like you, who already own and are proficient with Photoshop, I say “stick with it.” I’m not trying to change anybody who already has a comfortable workflow. I’m about teaching the easiest, cheapest, best way I have figured out to make Perfect HDR photos.

      Part II of the video is under review and re-shooting. All my videos are being re-done. Sorry for the inconvenience. If you get on my private list you’ll get an email from me when it’s all put back together again.


  • Fotoviva Art Prints

    Hi Captain

    We’ve been printing acrylics for a few years now and are finding they are steadily eating into the canvas print sales. Originally we used the 2 sheet acrylic sandwich method but have now evolved it to a single sheet, to which the print is bonded to the back of. This produces a lighter acrylic print and costs less. Ours use 5mm acrylic panels.

  • Canvas Art

    This is amazing article by you. Video is full of information and great presentation by you in art photography.

  • Stephan Berglund

    Wow ! That was something new for me…even though I live and work as a photographer in Sweden I will check the Bublejax out and see if the something like it here. Otherwise maybe they deliver to Sweden, haha…?

    • Captain Photo

      Stephan if you want to give them a try, here’s something that might work out. I’m coming to Malmo, Sweden on the 24th this month and can bring your order with with me.

      • Stephan Berglund

        Wow ! That was very kind of you…however I live some 350 km north of Malmo. But I will see if I have the possibility to go there. And if I have some pic that would do as a testdrive :-)

  • Bjorn

    Interesting! I have never seen this bubmblejax before, will definitly check it out.
    Hope its not to pricy? I wonder if its possible to get it with a more faint surface. Thanks for info.

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The I 25 Old Barn and Silo - Near Ft. Collins CO