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The things that I do at my age amaze me. If you’d ask me on my last birthday if I see myself riding a children’s plastic Big Wheel tricycle down a steep hill in San Francisco in the chaos of hundreds of other stupid people like me… I would have said, “Possibly ;-)”   Thanks to my girlfriend who is constantly pushing my edges I find myself expanding into all sorts of unlikely places these days.  The annual San Francisco BYOBW (Bring Your Own Bog Wheel) race is one of those.

This crazy event happens every Easter Sunday in San Francisco.  It takes place on the ACTUAL crookedest street in the world which happens to also be one of the steepest in San Francisco.  Tourists go see Lombard Street and are told that it’s the crookedest street… however it’s not.  Lombard is very crooked and it’s also very pretty with nice neatly laid bricks and is flanked by gorgeous homes and has great views. It’s a nice fuzzy experience for tourists,

The Big Wheel race starts at 20th & Vermont on Potrero HIll.  This photo is at the starting line where it’s not so steep…yet.  I watched and photographed hundreds of people from 3 years of age on up ride pretty much anything with wheels.  There was one person riding a garbage can, another on an office chair, another a unicycle.  It’s really a nutzo event and was so much fun. For me the highlight was actually riding down this suicide chute myself on a purple Big Wheel I bought on Craigslist for $10 the week before.  No spills, no bruises.  I’m good and planning to return again next year.

Monterey Photowalk This Week

They Ratcliff of will be leading another of his famous photo walks on Thursday morning in Monterey.  I joined him on the Stanford photowalk last year and it was an amazing experience to see how he thinks through setting up a shot, then doing it myself.  the event begins at 9:30 AM across from the Aquarium.  If anybody wants to carpool with me I’m leaving Pleasanton about 6:00 AM.  We’ll return to the Bay Area mid afternoon.

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  • Michele Molitor

    It was SUCH A BLAST 🙂 so delighted you, Mai, Maia and Sonni were able to join the Wong clan et al this year for the big race!
    For all you big kids out there – this is a super fun event to let your inner child roam free – in Costumes and funny hats no less – for a couple of hours!!
    See you all there next year! :oD

    • Keith Cuddeback

      I agree and this may become an Easter tradition!

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