HDR photo created in 10 minutes using Perfect HDR Workflow - Yellowstone

Created in less than 5 minutes using the Perfect HDR Workflow – The video below shows how.

So Many HDR Tutorials

Remember Sarah Palin; the maverick?  If you live in a Red state, no doubt you’ll never forget her.  Anyway, the reason I mention her is she reminds me that; “it’s okay being different.”  So I’m not insecure that my Perfect HDR Workflow doesn’t include Photomatix Pro or Photoshop.

All the top HDR photographers I’m aware of use and teach HDR using those tools. Both are also just a bit complicated to learn to use, by the way, resulting in lots of tutorials from lots of  HDR photographers all over the internet showing how that cumbersome process works. The best tutorial. by far, that I’ve seen is Trey Ratcliff’s HDR video tutorial. Trey makes it look so easy, even though it’s not. I wouldn’t know what I do today about HDR photography without having watched it. Buy it with a nice 15% discount when you use the code “PerfectHDR” at checkout in the StuckInCustoms store. Then, pay close attention…

The Perfect HDR Workflow

I invite you to consider a faster and easier way to make picture perfect HDR photography! With the easy workflow I’m going to show you, there just isn’t any learning curve. You will make a Perfect HDR photograph the first time you try!

no photoshop needed icon

No Photoshop required for the Perfect HDR Workflow!

If you already own Lightroom all you need  is the $39 Photomatix merge-to-32-bit Lightroom plugin!  That’s it, you’re in business! Can it be any easier?

Here’s another tip for you.  To save 15% on Photomatix, use the discount code “PerfectHDR” when you buy any of their stuff. They have trial versions of everything so please give the plugin a risk-free spin and see if the quality of your HDR’s goes way up!

With these two tools alone, my HDR’s come together effortlessly & perfectly in less than 5 minutes! A Caveman can learn my Perfect HDR Workflow in a day.  More advanced humanoids can learn how it’s done in much less time. How about you?

So the choice is yours. Do you want to:

  • 1: Painfully spend hundreds of dollars on complicated software you don’t know how to use which takes months or years to become competent with, get frustrated and take up golf?


  • 2: Learn to easily make stunning & perfect HDR photographs with inexpensive software in less than 5 minutes (while eating a bowl of ice cream) which will totally amaze your family & friends!

Let me say to you, the same words Indiana Jones was told by the old Templar Knight;

“Choose wisely.”

Which Path to HDR Photography Appeals to You?

If you have chosen door #2, then you qualify to take the next step and watch the video below! Captain Photo reveals the Perfect HDR Workflow! Here now is the newest, easiest, and cheapest way to begin or to upgrade your HDR photography career!

Captain Photo’s Perfect HDR Workflow


Want Some Feedback on your First Perfect HDR Photo?

Seriously, I’d love to see what you were able to create.  I’m on Google + everyday so share your PerfectHDR photo with me there.  There’s a public community there called “Perfect HDR Photography” and you are invited to join.   Then, if you post your best stuff in the Perfect HDR Photography community, I’ll see it. So will other HDR photographers, just like you. Your photo might even be chosen by me and sent to the adoring minions who are subscribed to my exclusive Private List!  You’ll be welcomed and treated right. So come, I want to personally say to you, “You chose wisely!”

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