Sun and Shadows on Sedona Red Rocks - Sedona - Arizona

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Yes, we are in Sedona


Those red rocks always give it away.

The last time I was there we spent a lot of time visiting the four vortexes that Sedona is known for.  Some time ago I posted a photo taken from the airport vortex, and another one from the Boynton Canyon vortex.  Both those photos are great examples of Sedona red rock country. Today we are at the Bell Rock vortex.  The funny thing though is that this is not a photo of bell rock.  I have one of Bell Rock, with it’s very distinctive bell shape, just haven’t taken the time to process it yet.

Mai and I had already walked up to bell rock and located the epicenter of the vortex and we were on the trail back to the car when I saw this.  There were lots of clouds that day, which always makes me happy.  Clouds not only make the sky interesting in photographs but they also change quickly and float wonderful shadows and light across landscapes. Mai saw this first and was shooting it a few seconds before I took this one.  The light was changing by the nanosecond, maybe the nearby vortex had some effect on this too.  Being the patient man that I am, I stopped on the trail, setup my camera which was still on my tripod, and waited only a minute or so until the face of that gorgeous red rock rock was fully lit up.  This is one of those photos that really shines when it’s printed large… like no smaller than 20 or 24 inches is my recommendation.

After leaving this vortex area we spent the afternoon poking around some of the new age shops in town and found a Crystal shop owned by another photographer who moved here from the UK.  His name is Dhee (pronounced Dee) and he calls his photography business Dhee-Light Photography.  We ended up spending a lot of time in his crystal shop called Stone Age and bought several things.  I got an awesome amethyst Wizard ring and a garden Faerie.  Mai found a very powerful crystal.  We call it her alligator crystal because the texture of it feels sort of like alligator skin.  Looks like it too.  It’s cool how these minerals emit energy for healing and to focus intention, but that’s a topic for another time and place.  This is a photography blog so I’ll not go down that path today.

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