Bandon Beach on the Oregon Coast

Sea Stacks at Sunset-Bandon Beach
Cat and Kittens-Bandon Beach, Oregon
Bandon beach on the Oregon coast
sunset bandon beach oregon coast
Long exposure-Bandon Beach, Oregon

Photogenic Bandon Beach

Certainly, during the time I was at Bandon Beach, Oregon, I noticed that the main activity here was photography. There we no dog walkers, lovers walking hand in hand, sun worshippers, or sand castle builders. Bandon isn’t the best for play, swimming or walking the dog because the slope of it is so gradual and the waves wash up super far after they break. This creates a vast and very thin film of slower moving water on top of the sand.  For photographers, however, it’s Captain Fantastic!  That gentle slopey situation makes for those exceptional reflections we get here! It’s a situation just like Cannon Beach, further north, in that regard. So, with the awesome reflections plus an amazing collection of sea stacks, possibilities galore await creative seascape photographers!

Video Demo

The video below is a demo of how I used Aurora HDR on my Mac to process that blindingly awesome Bandon Beach sunset photo!  Some parts of the video were sped up and I go over some things pretty quickly because my intention was not to make it into a detailed tutorial. Rather, it’s an informal, behind-the-scenes, look at how one photographer approaches working in Aurora HDR Pro. The workflow is very fluid… you’ll see in the video.

Bandon Beach Panorama

There are lots of places I’ve photographed where the scene is so expansive, it’s a toss-up where to begin. If I can make a panorama to capture it, I’ll put on a little longer lens and grab all the shots I need to stitch together a detailed- high-resolution panorama. My favorite lens right now for this job is that ultra sharp Olympus 75mm f1.8.

Face Rock, Cat & Kittens-Bandon Beach Oregon Coast

Bandon beach lends itself extremely well to a bigg-ass panorama! In the 10 exposures for this pano, I was able to fit in Face Rock and Cat & Kittens. Lightroom easily stitched them together in seconds. It’s a bit cumbersome to post on the blog so it’s full size version is now on display in my SmugMug Pano Gallery. 

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