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The Perfect HDR Workflow Video is Out


When I travel, like I did last week to Badlands National Park, it becomes a challenge to process my HDR photos.  This is when I strongly rely on my Perfect HDR Workflow which makes it quick & easy to get stunning HDR images to post along the way.  Here’s why. When I travel I have limited time to process and I don’t have my production 27-inch iMac with me.  I travel with my little Macbook air.  The smaller screen is much harder for me to use and to see flaws in what I’m working on.  Well, when I use the Perfect HDR Workflow, I can safely forget about big-time flaws because I know there won’t be any.  You might find this quick workflow for HDR useful yourself. It’s ideal for beginners because it’s inexpensive and very easy to get really awesome images the very first day.  It’s caveman simple.


You should know that, this week, I just posted a brand new updated video demonstrating the Perfect HDR Workflow. It’s free, here on the blog. We are also going to have a small get together on a Google Plus hangout to talk about processing HDR in general.  Everybody is invited, even if you have never shot & processed and HDR photo, but you’d like to.  Grab your invitation right here for the Google + Community; Perfect HDR Photography Hangout. We’ll we live this Monday, June 3rd at 4 PM Pacific Daylight Time. Come… it’ll be fun and informative.



Geo-Rainbow rock formations - Badlands National Park

Pastel Limestone Formations – Badlands National Park. Processed in the Perfect HDR workflow

Geo-Rainbow – Badlands National Park


Photographer’s Question of the Ages; Answered!


Haven’t we all asked how we can be guaranteed of taking a perfect photo every time? Until last week, I, too, thought it impossible. Last week I visited Badlands National Park in South Dakota.


Badlands is desolate and so beautiful! Everywhere I pointed my camera was a great shot. It’s impossible to take a bad photo here… so don’t even try.


Badlands Sunset

Badlands Sunset

Countless subtle shades of pastel in the rocks, the sky, and the earth, change throughout the day.

A Kodak Moment at Badlands National Park

A Kodak Moment at Badlands National Park


This week I’ve been playing with the new TOPAZ CLARITY plugin and all of the large images on this page were enhanced using only the presets that come with it.. There’s a 30-day free trial you can get to give it a spin. If you decide to buy the plugin, save 15% with the gift code PerfectHDR.


Alien Badlands Sunset

Alien Badlands Sunset


The temperature ran up to 97 degrees the day I was there to photograph with my new friend, Bill Fliris. Water ran low so, in the heat, we got the full tourist experience of Badlands N.P. Heck, in the middle of shooting we just call a halt to the whole thing to find a cold beer.  We detoured 20 miles to check out the world famous Wall Drug in the Hamlet of Wall, South Dakota on Interstate 90. It was so funny, Bill turned out and walked right out of a place because the only beer they serve is Bud Light. Yes, I followed him across the street where we found a much more diverse beer board. We don’t find much Bud Light in California. But we’re not in California anymore…

Buy Made In America billboard near wall,sd

Buy Made In America – Did I mention we’re in a red state?


The Road to Wall sd

The Road to Wall

Bill and his wife, Cathy, Mai and I all had a really fun time that day. I so much appreciate the time with Cathy & Bill and their hospitality, the white chili and the fun talk in the bowels of the reddest of the red states.


Rock formations at Badlands National Park

Electric Badlands Pawns

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  • Matt

    The Badlands is such an ironic name for this beautiful place. Great photos!

  • Richard Thompson

    Gorgeous shots. Being able to bring out the finer details and colors really makes a difference in these photos. Getting nature to show its true beauty in photos can be hard, but it looks like you can do it with the right editing programs.

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