Badlands National Park-Panorama at Sunset
Badlands National Park-Panorama at Sunset

This is just one of the cool places we’ve visited on our road trip the past several days.  This road trip is happening because of my daughter, Ashley’s, graduation (YAYYYYY!)  from the University of Colorado in Boulder.  Instead of flying and missing all the scenery and fun of a road trip, Mai and I drove.  Along the way we planned to visit with friends along the route and see some new territory.

Alien Landscape at Badlands National Park- Sunset

Alien Landscape – Badlands National Park

Badlands National Park in South Dakota is where our friends Cathy & Bill Fliris wanted to show us.  They live in Lusk Wyoming, a place I had never heard of until we met Cathy on a yoga retreat at Haramara in Mexico a few years back.  Bill is also a photographer and soon after we arrived he and I went into his subterranean man-cave where he showed me some of his beautiful work taken here at Badlands, the Black Hills and Alaska when they loved there. Bill does really nice work and it was so much fun getting to know him and then photographing with him the next day.  It’s times like this I really love.


It was so great that they both took a day off work to drive with us to Badlands on the hottest day of the year, so far.  It was 97 that day and made the Badlands feel even badder.  At sunset I was able to get some super shots of this desolate place.  Many people will not appreciate the Badlands as I do and my time there was way too short to give me time to explore it as it deserves.  Bill was telling me that the National Park Service has outpost cabins that they actually allow artists to occupy for free if they feel your work is worthy.  I’m definitely going to look into that further and maybe get back here for a couple weeks in the Spring or Fall.

Sunset - Badlands Sunset

Sunset over Badlands National Park

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    This place is cool. The first shot looks amazing and the colors in the sky look great. I am no landscape photographer ( weddings and portraits are my thing) but maybe with a scene like this i would be tempted to give it a go. 🙂

  • Michael Birkmose

    Normally I am not the greatest fan of HDR, but I have to say for the Sunset over Badlands National Park – it really works somehow. It has a certain softness to it that I like!

  • Landscaping Company Grosse Pointe

    Badlands National Park striking geologic deposits contain one of the world’s richest fossil beds. There’s no doubt that this rugged beauty of the Badlands draws visitors from around the world to witness the view and take home pictures.

  • Nico Trinkhaus

    That really is a wonderful piece of work, the colors of the sky are amazing!

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