Aurora 2017 for HDR Photography is Coming!

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The best HDR software has just gotten better

Ten months ago, Aurora HDR Pro was first released by Macphun Software. Upon trying it I was so impressed that it immediately became the new way I do my HDR photo processing. No longer would Photomatix Pro or any of the other lesser HDR programs even come close to the full featured and so-simple-to-use, Aurora HDR Pro.  I finish photos faster and without ever needing to go into Lightroom or Photoshop. Aurora HDR immediately became the new HDR standard!

Then, last month, an email from the Aurora HDR team arrived.  The inside news says that the software has been improved. It turns out that these aren’t just incremental improvements. It’s all been very hush-hush, almost like an Apple event.  Finally, today I have the green light to tell you all about it.

The list of enhancements in the new product is very robust. Aurora 2017 promises to give me a full compliment of photo editing tools that makes photo processing even easier and always with astounding results!  Here’s a comparison chart so you can see exactly what I’m so giddy about:

Made in Aorora 2017-The Apple Store 5th Avenue
Aurora HDR-The Apple Store, New York City

My Two Favorite Feature Upgrades in Aurora 2017

For example, one feature that I absolutely LOVE is how the luminosity masking is so greatly improved! That’s the one area that I was critical about in my review of the initial release last year. Now, it’s about 1,000% better!  Now I have precise control over which tones in my images receive the luminosity masking! Not just the “darks” or just the “lights” like before. Aurora’s implementation of luminosity masking is so much easier to use than how it’s always been done in Photoshop.  It can’t even be done in Lightroom, forget about it. It’s really incredible having it so competent in Aurora 2017!

A radial filter has now been added which is one tool that I sorely missed in the first release.  Whenever a radial filter is needed, my only option was going into Lightroom. With Aurora 2017, that’s no longer an issue.

There’s so much more. Just take a peek at the comparison chart to see all the new gizmos we now have and how the old ones are even better!

Aurora 2017 Details

If you’re into HDR or just want to find out more about this new evolution in software, click over to the Aurora blog  right now. There’s a ton of well organized info you’ll want to look at. I think it’s so great that as cameras evolve and improve, the software we use daily also improves. This has to happen if we’re going to make the most of our craft.

Pre Order Aurora 2017 Today

For a few days now, during the pre-order period, the Aurora 2017 team is discounting the software.  Plus, they are bundling in some very useful bonuses that won’t be included when the software is officially released on September 29th.  You know that I seldom hype the multitude of new gadgets and photo software that comes along unless I’ve tried it and it works for me. I depend on quality products to make my photographs and the all new Aurora 2017 is one I’m not living without! I hope you’ll give it a shot too! Here’s an affiliate code allowing you to buy Aurora 2017 at a 10% discount; PerfectHDR. The discount works on any future pricing too, so keep watching because they do run specials.

aurora 2017 pre order
Embers of Dawn-made with Aurora 2017 HDR
Embers of Dawn-made with Aurora HDR
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  • Stephen Bridgett

    and did you mention, Macs only

    • Captain Photo

      I know… 80% of you HDR fans are on Windows. They ARE definitely working on the Windows version and, I’m told, it will have all the same functionality as the Mac version.

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