Algodones Sand Dunes: A Warm Winter Photography Destination

algodones sand dunes photo collage
Photography by Anne McKinnell

 Golf was so sad today. So I’m looking at Algodones Sand Dunes for a healing photography retreat.

There are two things I love playing; Photography & Golf. This morning I played golf. Not very well. Plus, it was cold with a relentless wind that blew through the not-heavy-enough fleece that I always carry in my golf bag. Looking out the window while dressing, the bright sun and blue sky fooled me. Climate change, right? Or is it that Winter is coming?

Feeling antsy when I got home, my thoughts drifted to where I might go for a few days of photography. The other day I read a blog post by photographer Anne McKinnell where she photographed these cool North Algodones Sand Dunes. She also has 5 useful tips for photographing sand dunes in general you can read below. ever since seeing that article I’ve sort of been eyeing those dunes as a worthy photography destination. The time might be coming soon.

When it turns cold, I head for the desert! I’m not proud.

I almost wish I’d taken the Jeep down there today since Mai is on the East Coast this week and because I sucked so badly at golf this morning… plus it was so cold on the course. Heading down to the warm desert near the Mexican border in Southern California just sounds really good.

Click photo to read Anne's san dune photography tips
Click photo to read Anne's san dune photography tips

Researching the road trip

While doing some preliminary pre-trip research just now, I ran across a nice gallery of images from the Algodones Sand Dunes by photographer Danny Schweers. I picked four of my faves you can see below but go ahead and view all the cool, mostly abstract, images in his online gallery!

This definitely looks like my kind of place!

Where are these bad boy dunes located and why haven’t I ever heard of them before now?

All worthy questions. Here is one answer:

I guess the answer to the other question is because I’m not either a dune buggy enthusiast nor a Snowbird. During Winter I have tended going to Death Valley or Joshua Trees. My little road trips last only a few days, then I scamper back home to process my new photos and golf. Working like that I don’t frequent the deeper desert areas extensively in the winter and just never ran across this interesting and new (to me) Algodones San Dunes Wilderness area!


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  • Michael Jerome

    Those pics are beautiful, looks like a hard place to get to.

    • Captain Photo

      Thank you Michael. I’m about to find out. Planning to leave in the next day or two. Right now I’m planning to visit these dunes, plus the Ibex dunes and Eureka dunes in Death Valley. I also just got a new Garmin GPS that I am learning how to use so I don’t get too lost wandering around all of these mountains of sand over the next few days. Good idea, yes?

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