Fly Like an Eagle

My annual salmon fishing trip to Alaska a couple years ago was self-guided. That means we do everything ourselves. The shopping, the cooking, the boat, the bait, figuring where & when to [...]

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Russian River, Alaska

[smugbuy photo=”!i=1739096562&k=s9v5Tt6″] In Alaska, Fall comes early.  I was on the Kenai peninsula in early [...]

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The Glacier’s Aren’t Gone Yet

That one day I spent photographing in and around Homer, Alaska was just awesome!  It was the day that I took the day off from fishing while my buddies went out for halibut and king salmon.  We [...]

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Spawn & Die

Is this disturbing to you or can you get past the subject and be delighted with the colors that nature gives us even after death?   Last week was my annual fishing trip to Alaska. This has [...]

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A surprise show of Northern Lights

For the past 15 years I’ve been going to Alaska every year for fishing and every year I’m looking for a display of the northern lights as a little bonus from the Universe  The problem [...]

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Mt. Foraker & Mt. Denali at sunset

It was almost 1 year ago that I went up near Mt. Denali in Alaska on a 10 day fishing trip at Lake Marie Lodge.  We got a great rate on the lodge (3 for the price of one) but there were NO FISH!! [...]

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