Captain Photo at Machu Picchu
Captain Photo at Machu Picchu

Self-taught photographer, father of four, grandfather of three, golfer, and author. Into holistic health so I juice almost daily, love the natural healing qualities of essential oils and do my best to eat real food. I don’t personally hug trees but am loyal to the cause. My landscape photography is just me enjoying nature my way.


eep. Sleeping bag. Camera. Now I’m in my happy place. I love making beautiful pictures with my iPhone and DSLR on my photography road trips around the American West!

When I’m not on the road (or golfing) my equally favorite pastime is post processing my photos. Like many photographers, I take lots and lots of photos. However, I produce & publish very few of them. Crafting those RAW files to meet my vision is something I never rush. If you are a new photographer yearning to make better art out of your photos, maybe I can help you get the results you’re looking for too! If you haven’t already, I invite you to join my Private List!

mage:badwater moonset reflection-death valley national park
Moonset Reflection-Death Valley National Park

Loving Life

Let Love In!

Mai and I love traveling together.  She is my ideal companion, so I also almost always go along on her business trips. She’s a love & relationship coach for women and ever since her new best-selling book came out; The Divorced Mom’s Guide to Dating(not an aff link), we’re traveling even more!

Thank you for that because it gives me even more opportunities for adding travel photography to the blog! In recent  months, we’ve been to Mexico, Sweden, and Peru, where we were in the Amazon jungle for two weeks doing spiritual work, and finishing with an unforgettable visit to Machu Picchu! That’s where the crazy picture of me on this page, in levitation meditation, comes from!

Coming up in February is a long anticipated trip to see the mystical temples of Myanmar and the last of the orangoutangs in Sumatra!  Stay tuned!

My Photography

Photographically, I believe my best photos in the past year came from a road trip to the stunning Oregon coast.  After two amazing days frolicking amid the misty atmosphere and surf getting a few amazing photos at Bandon Beach, I came home through the majestic Northern California redwoods.  This was my first experience stalking the wild rhododendron growing deep in the redwood forests during their short blooming season.

Most recently, between Christmas and the new year, I explored the sand dunes and desert in and around Death Valley National Park.  Coming up later this winter is a bucket-list trip to Myanmar and Sumatra.

To browse my elite photo collections in stunning cinematic, full screen, high resolution, and all that jazz…just click that orange “View my photos” button, my friend! Thanks for looking!

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Badlands National Park-Panorama at Sunset
Badlands National Park-Panorama at Sunset
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