A surprise show of Northern Lights

Northern lights with pre-dawn glow near Denali Alaska
For the past 15 years I’ve been going to Alaska every year for fishing and every year I’m looking for a display of the northern lights as a little bonus from the Universe  The problem with going in the summer is that it’s hardly ever dark enough to see them.  When I go in June & July the sun sets about midneight and rises again around 2-3 AM.


This is one shot that is not HDR.  I was doing well to get it at all given that I woke up about 3 AM and, with bleary eyes, peered out the window of the fishing lodge to see the eerie green glow of the northern lights.  I think The Universe gave me this one in pity after denying me for so many years traveling to Alaska every summer on some sort of fishing trip.  You can see the pre-dawn glow and if I’d slept any longer I would have missed this by being washed out by the rising sun.


The fishing here was suck-o terrible but the photography was fabulous!  I have another shot of Mt. Denali taken from this same spot that I also recently posted.  Just to show you the difference between a wide angle lens and a 300mm telephoto.  This shot was taken at 11mm and Mt. Denali is that little pimple immediately to the left of the red glow of dawn.  On the other photo in the link above I’m at 300mm to get in close and frame the lovely landscape of the clouds & sunset on the mountain.  IN that photo, the mountain was the subject.  In this one, it’s the northern lights.


Some photos need to be viewed as large as possible to appreciate their full impact or fine details. On my 27 inch iMac this looks terrific and I wonder how it is on your screen if you’re on, say, a laptop?  I think this would look nice printed as a large panoramic about 20×40 inches and in maybe a waiting room or small office lobby.


In less than a week I’m going back to Alaska and will be on the Kenai river.  I think the moon will be new during that time so might get a nice milky way shot?

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