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The New, Easy and Powerful Way to Picture Perfect HDR!

  • Aurora HDR Pro is the only app I use now for my HDR work. All the goodies I used to need from both Photomatix and Photoshop are now all smartly integrated into this one app. It’s magical how HDR is evolving and becoming so much easier for me to make images like these.  I also know that you can quickly learn to do it too, even if only just to make your own awesome vacation pictures!

    Captain Photo
    Captain Photo
Aurora HDR Gallery
Flatirons Sunset Sanctuary Rainbow of Stars City View From Suburbia

Aurora HDR Gallery

See what's possible for your photography with Aurora HDR!

I’m not famous yet

So the price for my art is still, alas, very low.  Mine start at only $25 for an 8×12 original “More Real Than Life” photo. Why deprive yourself of owning one? Consider it like an IPO investment for when I DO become famous. Meanwhile, go ahead and dress up your home or office today!

You can access my photo collections with the orange button below.  Some will speak to you more than others. That’s the way art is. Find your favorite.

There are many options of print sizes & finishes but if you’re not finding the size or style you want, contact me and I’ll take care of you.


Golden Gate Bridge Through Cypress Trees

For my own home, my work is printed on metal because the metal surface does a truly fabulous job retaining all the pop of the original “More Real Than Life” photo! I always buy the ready-to-hang metal because expensive, time-consuming custom framing, isn’t my thing. However, maybe you find that framing your art theraputic, by all means, buy the much less expensive metal paper print. The metal paper looks just as awesome as the ready-to-hang metals as long as you don’t put glass in front.

Remember, every print you buy helps make me more famous, which helps makes your investment more valuable! Like my crazy logic?

Bandon Beach, Oregon coast

Thanks so much for your appreciation of my art! If you decide to beautify your space with something, the elves get them out pretty quickly. You should have have it in your hands within just four or five days if you order today! So go pick out your favorite!

~Captain Photo

Footbridge over the highway into Lady Bird Johnson Grove
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I'm not around right now. But you can send an email and I'll get back to you, asap.