Venus People Trap

Venus people trap-san francisco street art

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As a kid I was shocked & delighted when I first learned about the Venus Fly Trap… that plant that actually EATS flys that it catches in it’s little leaves that clamp shut around them. Just another of a cacophony of strange things in our world.

Walking down Market Street in San Francisco the other day the Venus Fly Trap immediately came to mind when I passed this nice piece of street art. Can you see why? I can just imaging a person innocently sticking a head into that hole of the flower to investigate with curiosity and WHAM! The Venus People Trap has another victim.

Photowalk Fun Tomorrow in Monterey-Need a Ride?

Okay I’m offering to carpool with anybody needing a ride to join the photowalk led by trey Ratcliff of  He says there will be quite a few of those new Lytros infinite-focus cameras for us to try out and somebody will even win one.  Yes, I know it looks like rain, which might keep some people away.  For me, rain creates more opportunities for reflections and unusual lighting.  I’ll be leaving Pleasanton about 6 AM tomorrow heading down I680 to US 101.  Please let me know. if you need a ride.


  1. Brad Reynolds

    Hey Keith, Im curious on the angle of this shot. Where you standing on a platform or bench when you shot this?

    Enjoy the walk in Monterey. Looking forward to seeing what you come back with.

    • Keith Cuddeback

      Brad I was simply standing normally. Even though I had my wide angle lens (11-16) on I still had to back out into Market Street slightly.

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