Venus People Trap

Venus people trap-san francisco street art

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As a kid I was shocked & delighted when I first learned about the Venus Fly Trap… that plant that actually EATS flys that it catches in it’s little leaves that clamp shut around them. Just another of a cacophony of strange things in our world.

Walking down Market Street in San Francisco the other day the Venus Fly Trap immediately came to mind when I passed this nice piece of street art. Can you see why? I can just imaging a person innocently sticking a head into that hole of the flower to investigate with curiosity and WHAM! The Venus People Trap has another victim.

Photowalk Fun Tomorrow in Monterey-Need a Ride?

Okay I’m offering to carpool with anybody needing a ride to join the photowalk led by trey Ratcliff of  He says there will be quite a few of those new Lytros infinite-focus cameras for us to try out and somebody will even win one.  Yes, I know it looks like rain, which might keep some people away.  For me, rain creates more opportunities for reflections and unusual lighting.  I’ll be leaving Pleasanton about 6 AM tomorrow heading down I680 to US 101.  Please let me know. if you need a ride.

Captain Photo
Captain Photo
I have been taking photographs for 35 years. Ansel Adams was still alive then and he was my mentor & inspiration. IN the early days I only photographed in black and white landscape photography. I feel this discipline taught me to visualize my subjects in terms of lines, form, and texture first before considering color. Landscape photography continues to be my passion and today my images are so much more real through the application of HDR photography techniques. Today I use skills learned from my decades of focus on photographic art to create unique fine art and, sometimes whimsical, images more real than life,
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  • Brad Reynolds

    Hey Keith, Im curious on the angle of this shot. Where you standing on a platform or bench when you shot this?

    Enjoy the walk in Monterey. Looking forward to seeing what you come back with.

    • Keith Cuddeback

      Brad I was simply standing normally. Even though I had my wide angle lens (11-16) on I still had to back out into Market Street slightly.

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