Old Barn and Silo on I 25

The I 25 Old Barn and Silo - Near Ft. Collins CO

The I 25 Old Barn and Silo – Near Ft. Collins CO

Mai is so good about looking out for fun things to photograph.  After leaving Boulder, CO a couple of weeks ago, she shrieked as we sped north on I 25, “Ohhhhhh, did you see that falling down barn Honey?”


No, I hadn’t seen it.  The way she reacted I knew it must be good.  The next exit was another four miles and that was okay because we do this all the time on our road trips. It’s great having this freedom.


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It’s the last day to take advantage of  the introductory Topaz Clarity $20 discount. Beginning tomorrow the price goes up to $49.99. What I like about this plugin is that with the new technology I can get midtone contrast easily that was impossible before Clarity was released and it accomplishes this without creating ugly halos in my HDR images.  Topaz says to use their gift code CLARITYNEW to get the discount. You are going to find this plugin to be a highly valued part of your workflow and should be used at the beginning before any HDR stylization is done on your photo.



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I have been taking photographs for 35 years. Ansel Adams was still alive then and he was my mentor & inspiration. IN the early days I only photographed in black and white landscape photography. I feel this discipline taught me to visualize my subjects in terms of lines, form, and texture first before considering color. Landscape photography continues to be my passion and today my images are so much more real through the application of HDR photography techniques. Today I use skills learned from my decades of focus on photographic art to create unique fine art and, sometimes whimsical, images more real than life,
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