Monument Valley Hotel View-and the American Southwest

Monument Valley is great and there’s so much more nearby!

Monument Valley view from View Hotel

Lazy morning. Shot this view while sipping coffee in my hotel room at Monument Valley.

My Latest American Southwest Photography Road Trip

5 states in 9 days. The latest of half-a-dozen road trips through here in the past 4 years.  Still finding new things and returning to favorites with plenty yet unseen. New for me this time were Valley of the Gods in Utah and the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest in the White Mountains of eastern California. Oh, the Maroon Bells in Aspen, Colorado and Monument Valley revealed themselves to me on this trip too.

Monument Valley photography from the comfort of your hotel room

The View Hotel is fabulous! I heard they book up a year in advance. However, after Mai and I arrived and had lunch, an inquiry at the hotel desk brought us instant delight!  Yes rooms are available!  We can even have one with a premium view for not a lot of money! Even better!  We were in room 129 and he view from the room is the photo at the top of the page. It was a very civilized sunrise for a landscape photographer. Sleep till 30 minutes before sunrise, then get up to hot coffee and a serene wait for the sun while lounging at my patio table.

My recommendation, if you’re going to visit Monument Valley is to stay at the View Hotel and not Goulding’s. Gouldning’s is not at the valley but about 5 miles away.  The food at Goulding’s is better though… much better.  Just a friendly tip to give you the five-star experience.

Photo Gallery of the Road Trip

Below is a random selection of my favorite shots.

Desperation SunsetRiding into the SunsetMaroon Bells-Aspen, ColoradoValley of the Gofd Spires at DawnBending Heavan and EarthOwens Valley SundogBristlecone Pine TreeMetamorphic View Owens ValleyScattered ShowersDead Horse Point-Moab, UtahWhy Did The Three Gossips Cross The Road?Alone AgainThe American Southwest
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADriver Side SunsetValley of the Gofd AwakeningAncient Bristlecone PIne TreeValley of the Gods PanoramicQuiet pre-dawn at Valley of the GodsAspen DriveHarsh Bristlecone ClimateJuniper Berries DonLate Afternoon Arches National ParkWaiting for DawnBalancing ActMonument Valley for a Long Wall

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  • Randhir

    Living in the US must be amazing. So much open space and different terrains.

    • Captain Photo

      It is, and every place in the world that I visit is also amazing.

  • Alex

    What a dreaming post! I am from Switzerland and visited that region in 1999! It was so awesome, especially that in western US you have so open land and different terrains! Now I am father of two kids and I promised myself I will go back with my family and cameras in that region. Love it!

  • Andrew Miller

    Loving the photography! I’m a Bristol wedding photographer (UK) but Monument Valley is on the bucket list of places to visit, especially if I can get a bridal model or two for some really dramatic shots.

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