It’s a Soccer Birthday for Peter

happy birthday PeterSo Many Questions

The participants convened at the appointed time at the Bladium in Alameda.  One could anticipate the fierce competition ahead with the unmistakably turbulent testosterone/estrogen energy mix in the matrix that afternoon. How many casualties will there be? Who will prevail? Will the clash be fair? Does one of the young jedi’s secretly have the referee in his pocket to influence the outcome? Will there be plenty of beer and pizza for the spent combatants? Who will be MVP and who will be forgotten? Will the sporadically erupting embers of 28 candles seriously singe the eyebrows of the anointed one?

The answers and more are in the photos below.

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The Soccer Awards

Everybody was remembered and recognized for their special talent… except for the slight Kate faux pas. Peter is a fast thinker though, and recovered nicely.




It was a beautiful day shared with friends & family.  Happy birthday Peter!

  • Rebecca

    The candles make the cake looks beautiful. Nice shot!

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