“It’s really quite amazing to see the quality of art coming out of today’s little pocket-size Star Trek gadgets”

~Captain Photo!

I love my iPhone. Any Smartphone I’m sure I would be just as happy with. They are all amazing! Many people have actually given up carrying a camera because the one they have with them everywhere they go has gotten so freaking good!

But when I look at Facebook… well, some of those photos I’m seeing could use a bit of a scrub-up. It’s so easy to point, shoot ‘n upload, that we go unconscious about why we even take all the trillions of photos that we do. Well the reason we take many of them is because we want to share our view of the world. So please, before you share yours, clean up your corner first.  When I see your corner of the world posted online, I want to see what you saw.  Tell me a story. Spend two or three minutes with your new baby photo now nestled safely in the device carried in the palm of your hand. Make sure she looks her best before sending her out into the world. You must be proud of her because you posted her.  So, make me love her too.

Where you do that you are making art.  It’s now possible for you, and virtually everybody, to let your inner artist be expressed.

From a point of curiosity let me ask; are you already doing something with your photos beyond the “point-shoot-share” workflow?

If not, here’s a workflow I ask to you consider adopting.  “point-shoot-CREATE-proudly share”

You’ll see how rewarding it is to make a little art out of a snapshot you just took


and Instantly get to see how cool you can make it look!  (Oh, now I’m a Poet)


Most photos can be spiffed up flat fast with one app that’s FREE! Just a hunch, but I bet your right brain doesn’t get enough exercise. So this new artform seems to be a perfect workout to buff-up  your creativity into shape!

~Captain Photo!


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