Day 3 of 2013 iPhoneography: Snapseed

Snapseed: Captain Photo demonstrates this powerful iPhone app.


Back in the day I paid $4.99 for this app and was grateful to have it. It does all the big work that most photos need to take them from ordinary to great! Last month Snapseed was improved with two new develop modules and it became a totally free app! Don’t be suspicious, there aren’t even any in-app purchases here. I don’t like those… they feel like such a bait & switch to me. Snapseed is a fully functional app and comes with all parts fully functional.

The HD version of Snapseed for iPad is truly elegant to work with and makes photo editing such a pleasure. There’s even a version for Mac if you want to use it on an even larger screen of your laptop or iMac.

The video below goes through some of the basic functions and shows how to take a so-so photo into something to be proud of in just a couple of minutes. Even though the video is 10 minutes long, working with the app is really quick and simple so I usually can finish up a photo in less than three or four minutes.




Avila Beach photo straight from iPhone camera
Avila Beach after being processed using Snapseed

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  1. Patrick

    Hey there, I enjoyed your video. Snapseed is my goto app for sure. Can you tell me how you grabbed video of your iphone while you were editing the image? it’s very cool and I would like to try that with my local photo club.

  2. According to me iPad is a truly device that offers best photo editing services. Nice video!


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