Courtyard of the Maharaja’s Palace

Courtyard of the Maharaja's Palace - Bangalore India

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Everywhere in India things are so colorful! Even in the poor villages the houses are done up in nice bright festive colors. So both the rich & the poor in India have an appreciation for it. Here in the Bangalore Palace of the Maharaja, this courtyard has bright colors everywhere too. Even the woman in the Sari on the far side in dressed in bright blue.

To get these photographs inside the Maharaja’s Palace cost a bundle. There is the normal price of admission. Then, if you have a camera, that’s where you get nailed if you choose to take photos you can buy a one-day photographer’s license for about 5 times the cost of admission. Yes, of course, I paid it. This might be my only time to get inside such a piece of Indian history like this gorgeous palace. If I only had time right now to process all the great shots from this cool place.


  1. Wow this is stunning! Now I have to find out where this is. Just curious, how much was regular admission vs the photographers price?

    • Darlene, as I recall, the price of entry is 350 Rupees and to take a camera in it was an additional 500 Rupees. It worked out to something less than $20 US. My group really had a good time photographing here. It’s the Maharaja’s Palace in Bangalore. It’s very relaxed to visit without any crowd whatsoever. There are so many more unprocessed images I have from this place to have fun with on late night processing sessions ahead.

      • Man I so need to go there. I’d totally pay that willingly!

        • Yes it’s a bargain. There are other palaces that allow no photography. The royal palace in Mysore is where they have a metal detector like TSA uses. I was busted there with cameras in my backpack and never did get inside.

  2. wow what a great information shared by you! Keep sharing…


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