Cannon Beach Road Trip

Birthday Getaway to Cannon Beach

September every year is a month-long celebration of Mai’s birthday. We always take a few days to go somewhere. Last year it was to Lee Vining-Mono Lake, Yosemite and the Eastern Sierra. This year we headed north in the Jeep to Cannon Beach a the tippy top of the Oregon coast..

This gallery contains the best photos from that road trip. Cannon Beach and the California redwoods are the highlights.  Mai couldn’t wait to get up on that fallen log to do the Tree Pose for me. You might also be interested to learn that these are the tallest trees on earth. Many grow well over 300 feet tall.

If you’re into it and want to see these photos full screen, click on any one of them and then hit the “slideshow” button on the right.  Believe me, it’s worth it viewing photos fullscreen without any visual distractions at all.  When I see a nice photo on Google+, or anywhere online, that looks like a nice piece of art, I’ll almost always take the time to go full with it and take it in fully.

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  • Margarita

    What a beautiful photo.

    • Captain Photo

      Margarita I’m happy that you stopped to say so. Much appreciated! I feel the photo captures what an amazing ambiance I experienced at Cannon Beach. Mystical fog, turbulent surf, stunning light, and there are those picturesque seagulls everywhere too. Cheers!

  • Alexander Zacharov

    WOW! My favorites are the slow shutter ones, are you using ND filters to create the effect or image stacking?

    • Captain Photo

      I have a couple of ND filters that I’ll use for smoothing water. Sometimes I’ll use motion blur in post too. The Iphone shot of haystack rock was done that way.

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