BlogPress for iPad Photo-Blogging?

Maiski – iArt: Processed on iPad from RAW DSLR photo.

This, and all my iArt is available for only $1.99

Happy Groundhog Day! Here in California it’s sunny today so, according to the legend of Groundhog Punxsutawney Phil, that means six more weeks of winter. Boo!

Photo Blogging with my iPad

This morning I processed this photo on my iPad and wanted to quickly upload it to the blog.  Easy, right? Well, I already know from experience that the official WordPress blogging app fails in several areas, so I’m not going there again.  Some time ago I researched a little bit because I need an app that plays well with photos.  The best I came up with was BlogPress, so I spent five bucks and got it.

There are a lot of photographers that use WordPress for their websites and blogs and I know I’m not the only one who is a little bit frustrated with the shortcomings in every blogging app that is available today.

Shortcoming of the BlogPress app

When I first got BlogPress I loved how superior it functioned compared to the WordPress app. Then I quickly found it’s big shortcoming, especially for photographers. When I upload an image for my blog post It’s handled little differently by BlogPress than uploading the same image through the browser on my Mac in the back end of my WordPress site. So what happens with Blogpress is, the image shows up okay in the post but it’s not associated with the post itself and therefore it’s impossible to set the featured image for the post.

If I can’t set the featured image then I have no thumbnail available for the homepage of my blog where I show the thumbnail of every photo I post and a little snippet of the blog post. This is really really bad for me and makes the BlogPress app almost unusable. Although, BlogPress is still better than the “official” WordPress app.

This all causes me to have to go to a lot more work to get the image to show as a thumbnail. Either I have to use a different app to upload the same photo again as a featured image or use my MacBook and all of that just defeats the purpose of trying to do it all from my iPad.

I’ve tried the WordPress plug-in “auto post thumbnail”, but I don’t really like having to use a plug-in for functionality that should be native to a blogging app. So I’m looking for a better way. Plug-ins slow down my site and I’m trying to keep it as lean as possible, so I won’t be using that plug-in anymore.

Is Blogsy the Solution?

Blogsy is another blogging app for iPhone and iPad and it seems to be fairly equivalent to BlogPress that I’m using right now. Blogsy is another five dollar app and I haven’t actually tried it but, in my research, I have read reviews of it where people are reporting the same failure and handling photos fully. So I decided not to spend the five bucks to give Blogsy a chance. Anybody have other suggestions?

-another cool iPad iArt photo posted using BlogPress from my iPad.

Location:18 Again Natural Light Studio & Gallery, Oakland CA


Captain Photo
Captain Photo
I have been taking photographs for 35 years. Ansel Adams was still alive then and he was my mentor & inspiration. IN the early days I only photographed in black and white landscape photography. I feel this discipline taught me to visualize my subjects in terms of lines, form, and texture first before considering color. Landscape photography continues to be my passion and today my images are so much more real through the application of HDR photography techniques. Today I use skills learned from my decades of focus on photographic art to create unique fine art and, sometimes whimsical, images more real than life,
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  • Julia Argan

    I was looking for such an app to run on my iphone and i find blogsy here. Please let me know after you tried it and whats your experience with that appp. So i can use it too.

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