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Picture Perfect HDR Photography

Finally! HDR photography isn’t so complicated anymore!

Follow along and you’ll be making Picture Perfect HDR photos, like mine, in less than 5 minutes! 

HDR newbies start here at the beginning. Learn all about Perfect HDR Photography & what little you need to succeed!

You old salt HDR photographers skip ahead, right to the FREE Perfect HDR video Tutorial!

Captain Photo's Private List

Make Your Own Beautiful Pictures & Feel Special!

How would you like to make stunning HDR pictures, like mine, in less than 5 minutes? It’s not really that difficult to learn!

I invite you into the magical inner circle.  Say “yes” and you’ll begin getting goodies about my Perfect HDR Workflow the regular kids don’t!  So please apply to join my private list now!  It’s free so don’t miss any of the fun & games!

The Man Behind Captain Photo

Keith Cuddeback

“More real than life” Picture Perfect HDR Photography

Over 35 years ago I began making photographs. Ansel Adams was still alive then and he was my mentor &inspiration.  Landscape and travel photography have always been my passion. A huge shift happened in 2009 when I started learning about high dynamic range, HDR, photography.  HDR adds a dimension of supra-reality to many images and now i incorporate HDR into most of my work.

People tell me that the images I create seem
somehow, more real than life. Thank goodness because walking the
fence between real & surreal is a fun place for me to
play.  So I’m borrowing that expression as the intention for
this blog. “Photography More Real Than Life!”

I hope you like my art. It brings be much pleasure creating it.

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